Board of Directors

The Miriam Foundation Board members volunteer their expertise and energy to assure the Foundation's success. Comprised of community leaders, business executives, healthcare providers and law professionals, our Board members are public awareness ambassadors who bring the Foundation and community together.

Miriam Foundation Board of Directors 2019-2020

Chairman of the Board
Tony Meti

President & Chief Executive Officer
Warren Greenstone

Vice President
Joël Paquin

L.B. Erdle

Robert Bohbot

Board of Directors

Norman Bercovitch
Michel Bitar
Milan Bratin
Sylvie Coutu
Louise Fourès
J.C. Gravel
Louis Ludwick
Nancy Maklan
Pierre-Étienne Simard
Jean-François Towner
Greg Vainberg 

Immediate Past President
Diane Proulx Guerrera

Past Presidents
David Black
Norman V. Cohen
Steven Goldberg
J.C. Gravel
Syd Kronish
Shawn Leib*
Saul Levenson*
Irving Maklan*
Louis Novick*
Bernie Pollock

* Deceased